Why photo matters for your eCommerce Store

E-commerce business is very different from normal and local businesses. The Internet and Technology, has made it easy for business ventures to travel far and wide with the help of eCommerce. Entrepreneurs are now able to transact with customers all around the world across countries and even continents.

For an e-commerce site to be successful there are certain best practices that needs to be followed and product photography is one of the most important aspect of it.

Why product photos are so important for an Online Store

Like the old saying goes, “seeing is believing” but this is the 21st century where “seeing is not always believing”. And “believing is being confident without seeingG. Campbell Morgan said that.

The simple answer is by using High-quality images on your eCommerce site.

How high quality images affect your sales on an eCommerce site?

high quality product photo example

Images are powerful, they can tell a story, inspire, persuade and when used correctly, they can help you sell a product. Being able to see a product (though a photo) is one of the factors that customers consider before deciding whether to buy a product or not.

This means that the quality of the photos available on the eCommerce site affects the customer’s decision on purchase.

High-quality images build customer’s trust and confidence.

One of the major challenge of an eCommerce site is the “touch and feel” barrier but with a high quality image a store owner can boost the customer’s confidence.

Confident customer leads to more sales and ultimately more profit for your business.

5 Important Factors of a Great Product Photo

When we know that a product image matters a lot for an online store, we need to understand what quality of a product image can make it great and stand out from the rest.

1) Context

As a buyer, a customer will want to imagine themselves using the product. So avoid just showing the product. Let the customer imagine using it.

Importance of photos

2) Close-up shots

Close-up shots will allow customers to scrutinizing and analyze a product before buying. If your product, has Ostentatious details your customers might want to look at.

closeup image

3) Surroundings

these are the questions you need to think about when taking a product image

What do you have surrounding it?

Is it a white background, with just a focus on the product?


Photo Retouching Services

It is very important to ask these questions because what you have around a product matters a lot. So, it’s about two images, the background and the product. This is where you may need Photo Editing Services like Photo Background Removal, Clipping Path Service, etc.

4) Details Matters

People can only look at a product in an eCommerce site by its photo. They can’t touch. feel or hold it.

closeup image

It’s much like having a product behind a glass window. A customer doesn’t know how it feels, or how it makes them feel, until it’s theirs.

So your picture is to make the visitor feel as if they know exactly how it feels to touch and hold the product.

5) Photo Editing & Retouching:

Before you upload your photos to your website, you might want to run it through your editor first to get it perfected further by adjusting the color contrast, sharpness, lighting etc. See an before/after example below showing what an photo editing program and an expert photo editor can do with your product photo.

Professional photo editing services

There are lots of free photo editing tools available online which you can use to edit your product photos. Adobe Photoshop is one the widely used tool in the market for photo editing and manipulation.

If you want to go extra mile and don’t want to leave any stone untouched, you can also consider using a professional photo editing service like us to get wonderful results with your product photo editing.


Being a online store owner don’t you think you should start paying more attention to your product photos after reading this.

I hope the information I shared was helpful and you enjoyed reading it.

If you have any further question or doubts, please leave a comment in the comment box below. If you need any help with images on your store or optimizing your store for better conversion please contact us directly.

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