How Images Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

Good Images Impact That Convert Your Traffic To Conversion

“A picture is worth a thousand words” they say, but not all pictures actually worth a thousand word. The right saying should be a ‘Quality Picture’ is worth thousands of words. As an eCommerce site owner your aim is not only the traffic your site gets, but how this traffic can increase your conversion rate.


good image impact

What is conversion rate?

So you need should focus on conversion just as much as you focus on the traffic coming to your site. As humans we love to see what we buy. Images have a way of engaging people. Since an image can communicate a message in a clearer way, much better than words can, it is necessary to consider how images can improve your conversion rate.
And here is a quick list of how the right images can improve you conversion rate.


  • Images should be big (The bigger the picture, the higher the conversion rate.).
  • Use Appealing images (Images ignites emotional feeling).
  • Images with a good background or no background (They influence positive emotional feelings).

Images should be big:

Studies have shown, that bigger images tends to result in higher conversion rates. It is that simple. When the size of an image is increased, it becomes more noticeable and in turn it is more likely that the visitor will turn to customers.

Good Images Impact



You should read the data on this site. E-consultancy cited examples in which larger images produced better conversion rates.

So a big image always has a positive effect on sales on an eCommerce site. Since it’s in every human DNA to gaze at images over text. Images requires less mental effort to process and assimilate. Hence the sayings “A picture is worth a thousand words” and phrase “good looking” for this are verbal expressions of the undisputed reality that we like looking at pictures.

So let’s say the bigger the picture, the bigger the conversion rate.

Use Appealing images:

Studies have shown that as human, we tend to buy a product, for emotional reasons. There is more to it than just saying that a buyer simply bought a product because the customer saw the products’ image. No! He/she wants to experience it. And this is where the right images are necessary. Yes the right images can improve your conversion rate. It’s now up to you to engage the customer’s imagination. And best way to do this is by using contextual images for this type of images helps a potential costumer imagine their self, using your product.

photo retouching


Yes with the right product images, that offer a customer a fantastic imaginative experience and that appeals to their emotions you can increase the conversion rate on your eCommerce site. And the engagement you have with your target audience.


Images with a good background or no background at all influences positive emotional feelings:


Background is an essential part any photo, most especially those that are intended to feature products for sale.
As a human that what you see in the background of a photo influences what you think of the photo.
A picture of a Ferrari covered with mud. The photo will look dirty, though the car costs more than a hundred grand. And the picture of a golf car in a beautiful park, however, will influence positive emotional feelings towards the car.

Good Images Impact


Use No background pictures:

A no background photo can be very compelling as a picture with a beautiful background. Apple® for example has been able to make a strong impression with the use of images no backgrounds, especially on their retail site. As an eCommerce site owner Photo Editing Services, Photo Background Removal, Clipping Path Service, are services you need to consider in your marketing strategy.


Good Images Impact
Even as online jewelry retailer you should do your Jewelry Photo Editing.

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  1. Chad Seiber
    Chad Seiber says:

    Apart from these Quality of images, I think the what matters most is a clear view of the product from all angles matters most. Customer should be able to see product from all angle. They should be able to imagine using it by checking every aspects of it.

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