9 Photo editing apps you can get for free

Photography is an art, but your photographs never be completed without the latest technology. In this case, photo editing apps have already grabbed the market with some latest free photo editing tools, and you can apply some finishing touch to your photographs by using these editing tools. Now people use Smartphones to take their instant photo because they do not like to carry their heavy camera. So here you can find some amazing photo editing apps for your smartphone which will help you to develop your photographs in a proper manner.

1.VSCO Cam:

earlier the VSCO Cam or the Visco was known as the paid app, but now it is free for all. If you want some advanced control system as photo editing tools, then you can download this app from your android or iOS store. You can find some filter options on this app and most of these filters are free. But if you want to edit your photographs professionally then you can also buy more filter options. You can do lots of photo editing with this app including brightness control, contrast, tint, crop, rotate, sharpness, highlight, saturation and shadows. However, for beginners it is hard to control this app, because you have to figure out the different icons of the app like B1 and X1 for filter selections. Those who are looking for some free photo editing tools can surely download the VSCO Cam app from their store.


VSCO does not receive any support on your tablet, and if you want to download some free photo editing tools on your iPad, then you can choose the Snapseed. You can easily operate the navigation of this app and once your download or add your photograph to this app, you can easily select the manual tuning and swipe downwards and upwards. You can also change the contrast of a particular part of your photo without editing the full picture, and you can choose different filter options of this app like, Grunge, Vintage and Retrolux. It is very easy and Snapseed can be operated by beginners also. This app is currently available for iOS and Android at free of cost.

3.Adobe Lightroom:

this app is just like Photoshop, which is supported by your desktop only. This is an Adobe product and you need to take the Adobe subscription to avail this app. If you are looking for some suitable free photo editing tools for your iPad and Desktop, then you can choose this app and Lightroom will synchronize the photos between desktop and iPad. You generally do not find any advanced photo editing tools on this app, but you can quickly edit and save the photo with this app on your desktop. Apart from that, this app can support RAW files, which can add the photographs captured by your DSLR camera.


this is one of the world’s best photo communities and Instagram is fast and one of the trouble free photo editing tools. It can filter any photograph except power users, and if you want to edit some black and white photographs, then you need to choose another one because Instagram filters do not support those photographs.

5.Pixlr Express:

if you want to remove some marks and sports from photographs then you can download the Pixlr Express app developed by Autodesk’s Photo. This is a good app for image corrections. You can find some easy to use tools on this app and with this app, you can also apply some effects on your photographs like, pencil, halftone, sketch and poster. This app support for iOS and Android system.


like Instagram, Flickr is also an online photography community and you can find some advanced free photo editing tools on this app. The best thing is that Flickr does not control your square photos and the in-built filters can provide you enough options to modify your photographs. However, it may not be supported on your windows system, and you can use it in a hassle free manner on your iOS and Android system only.

7.Photo Editor by Aviary:

if you are looking for some free photo editing tools for your windows phone then you can download the Photo Editor by Aviary. But the developers stopped updating their windows phone version and you can use it on your iOS and Android system now. With this app, you can add some text, stickers and drawings on your photos, and you can also use some filters of this app like, crop, rotate and effects. This app does not have any advanced photo editing tools, but for beginners it can work well.


if you want some cool photo editing apps then Repix is the best for you because with this app, you can do some basic editing and you can also use some filters to navigate the brightness and saturation of your photographs. You can also apply some effects like flares and poster-size with this app and you can also purchase more filter options through this app.

9.Photo Studio:

BlackBerry users cannot able to access maximum free photo editing tools because most of them does not support on their system. But Photo Studio is a great photo editing app for BlackBerry users, and you can correct the RGB levels of your photographs with this app. Apart from that, you can access a collection of filters developed by the app, and through this app you can add some frames, make some collage and apply sketch to your photographs. Apart from Black Berry-10, this app also support on iOS and Android system.
So now, you can also become a professional photographer by downloading these free photo editing tools and you can simply capture some photos on your Smartphone and edit them quickly on these apps. Almost all of these apps support to your iOS and Android system and you need to search them on your Playstore to download them. So start capturing, editing photos and uploading them on your social media to make them viral.

How Images Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

Good Images Impact That Convert Your Traffic To Conversion

“A picture is worth a thousand words” they say, but not all pictures actually worth a thousand word. The right saying should be a ‘Quality Picture’ is worth thousands of words. As an eCommerce site owner your aim is not only the traffic your site gets, but how this traffic can increase your conversion rate.


good image impact

What is conversion rate?

So you need should focus on conversion just as much as you focus on the traffic coming to your site. As humans we love to see what we buy. Images have a way of engaging people. Since an image can communicate a message in a clearer way, much better than words can, it is necessary to consider how images can improve your conversion rate.
And here is a quick list of how the right images can improve you conversion rate.


  • Images should be big (The bigger the picture, the higher the conversion rate.).
  • Use Appealing images (Images ignites emotional feeling).
  • Images with a good background or no background (They influence positive emotional feelings).

Images should be big:

Studies have shown, that bigger images tends to result in higher conversion rates. It is that simple. When the size of an image is increased, it becomes more noticeable and in turn it is more likely that the visitor will turn to customers.

Good Images Impact



You should read the data on this site. E-consultancy cited examples in which larger images produced better conversion rates.

So a big image always has a positive effect on sales on an eCommerce site. Since it’s in every human DNA to gaze at images over text. Images requires less mental effort to process and assimilate. Hence the sayings “A picture is worth a thousand words” and phrase “good looking” for this are verbal expressions of the undisputed reality that we like looking at pictures.

So let’s say the bigger the picture, the bigger the conversion rate.

Use Appealing images:

Studies have shown that as human, we tend to buy a product, for emotional reasons. There is more to it than just saying that a buyer simply bought a product because the customer saw the products’ image. No! He/she wants to experience it. And this is where the right images are necessary. Yes the right images can improve your conversion rate. It’s now up to you to engage the customer’s imagination. And best way to do this is by using contextual images for this type of images helps a potential costumer imagine their self, using your product.

photo retouching


Yes with the right product images, that offer a customer a fantastic imaginative experience and that appeals to their emotions you can increase the conversion rate on your eCommerce site. And the engagement you have with your target audience.


Images with a good background or no background at all influences positive emotional feelings:


Background is an essential part any photo, most especially those that are intended to feature products for sale.
As a human that what you see in the background of a photo influences what you think of the photo.
A picture of a Ferrari covered with mud. The photo will look dirty, though the car costs more than a hundred grand. And the picture of a golf car in a beautiful park, however, will influence positive emotional feelings towards the car.

Good Images Impact


Use No background pictures:

A no background photo can be very compelling as a picture with a beautiful background. Apple® for example has been able to make a strong impression with the use of images no backgrounds, especially on their retail site. As an eCommerce site owner Photo Editing Services, Photo Background Removal, Clipping Path Service, are services you need to consider in your marketing strategy.


Good Images Impact
Even as online jewelry retailer you should do your Jewelry Photo Editing.

Why photo matters for your eCommerce Store

E-commerce business is very different from normal and local businesses. The Internet and Technology, has made it easy for business ventures to travel far and wide with the help of eCommerce. Entrepreneurs are now able to transact with customers all around the world across countries and even continents.

For an e-commerce site to be successful there are certain best practices that needs to be followed and product photography is one of the most important aspect of it.

Why product photos are so important for an Online Store

Like the old saying goes, “seeing is believing” but this is the 21st century where “seeing is not always believing”. And “believing is being confident without seeingG. Campbell Morgan said that.

The simple answer is by using High-quality images on your eCommerce site.

How high quality images affect your sales on an eCommerce site?

high quality product photo example

Images are powerful, they can tell a story, inspire, persuade and when used correctly, they can help you sell a product. Being able to see a product (though a photo) is one of the factors that customers consider before deciding whether to buy a product or not.

This means that the quality of the photos available on the eCommerce site affects the customer’s decision on purchase.

High-quality images build customer’s trust and confidence.

One of the major challenge of an eCommerce site is the “touch and feel” barrier but with a high quality image a store owner can boost the customer’s confidence.

Confident customer leads to more sales and ultimately more profit for your business.

5 Important Factors of a Great Product Photo

When we know that a product image matters a lot for an online store, we need to understand what quality of a product image can make it great and stand out from the rest.

1) Context

As a buyer, a customer will want to imagine themselves using the product. So avoid just showing the product. Let the customer imagine using it.

Importance of photos

2) Close-up shots

Close-up shots will allow customers to scrutinizing and analyze a product before buying. If your product, has Ostentatious details your customers might want to look at.

closeup image

3) Surroundings

these are the questions you need to think about when taking a product image

What do you have surrounding it?

Is it a white background, with just a focus on the product?


Photo Retouching Services

It is very important to ask these questions because what you have around a product matters a lot. So, it’s about two images, the background and the product. This is where you may need Photo Editing Services like Photo Background Removal, Clipping Path Service, etc.

4) Details Matters

People can only look at a product in an eCommerce site by its photo. They can’t touch. feel or hold it.

closeup image

It’s much like having a product behind a glass window. A customer doesn’t know how it feels, or how it makes them feel, until it’s theirs.

So your picture is to make the visitor feel as if they know exactly how it feels to touch and hold the product.

5) Photo Editing & Retouching:

Before you upload your photos to your website, you might want to run it through your editor first to get it perfected further by adjusting the color contrast, sharpness, lighting etc. See an before/after example below showing what an photo editing program and an expert photo editor can do with your product photo.

Professional photo editing services

There are lots of free photo editing tools available online which you can use to edit your product photos. Adobe Photoshop is one the widely used tool in the market for photo editing and manipulation.

If you want to go extra mile and don’t want to leave any stone untouched, you can also consider using a professional photo editing service like us to get wonderful results with your product photo editing.


Being a online store owner don’t you think you should start paying more attention to your product photos after reading this.

I hope the information I shared was helpful and you enjoyed reading it.

If you have any further question or doubts, please leave a comment in the comment box below. If you need any help with images on your store or optimizing your store for better conversion please contact us directly.

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Amazon Image guidelines

Marketplace like Amazon and Ebay are used by sellers & retailers all around the world to sell their products online. Selling on these platform offers a great opportunity considering their huge customer base and brand value. Images plays an important role while selling online and this post is all covers all Amazon Image guidelines to help you prepare your catalog images.

One of the most essential part of selling online is having images of your product you want to sell. While market place like Amazon and Ebay are used by sellers all around the world, they have set a certain guidelines for uploading product images on their website in order to maintain the consistency of their store.

Good Images are essential for Your Products ‘Success on Amazon’

The product image is an important marketing tool in an on-line store. When customer browses Amazon pages, Often The image draws them to consider your product. In other hand there are many choices for online trading, a good image can set your product apart from the others.

Lower Quality image turn away customers. An image presents all features of a product. A good quality image reinforces our customer to purchase a product. Every SKU (stock keeping unit) must have a main image.

Various Images Guidelines for Amazon Store

Types of Images on Amazon

In a catalog, Amazon has several images of each product to display. As a seller, it is in your interest to provide several high-resolution product images for your products so customers can take decisions to purchase your product. We can use four types of images to illustrate your products:

  • The Base SKU main image, used for the product detail page (the page customers see when they search or browse the catalog). Only one main image is used per base product. The main image appears as a smaller representation of the full-size image on the product detail page; when customers click the smaller picture, the full-size picture appears in a pop-up window. You must supply a base main image.
  • The Derived SKU main image, used to show a view of the product in the specific color for the given derived SKU. The main image for the derived SKU shows in the image pop-up window. Every derived SKU has just one main image, representing the derived product in the specified color. You must supply a derived main image for every color that you sell.
  • Proxy images, used to show different angles of the product to help clarify use, detail, fabric, cut, or other ways to view the product, or to show related products. You can supply up to eight proxy images for each Base and derived SKU. The proxy image for a base product appears in the image pop-up window. If a customer clicks a specific color in the image pop-up window (for example, a yellow sample), then the pop-up window shows the proxy image for the “yellow” SKU.

Photo Retouching Service


  • Swatches – used to show different available colors, fabrics, or other choices for products. You can supply one swatch (sample) per derived SKU. Samples display on the product detail page next to the name of the color.

Different Color Image - Amazon Images Guidelines

Image Standards

There are basic standards for a new image:

  • All color variation derived SKUs must have a main image representative of the specific color of the variation.
  • Images uploaded must be at least 1001px on the longest side.
  • In every product you can send up to 10 images – 1 main, 1 sample and 8 other images.
  • Each image should be tightly cropped to retouch the customer’s ability to evaluate the item.
  • Image backgrounds must be white, with the image being of high quality and truly representative of the product being sold. If image have white background the visibility is much higher compare to other background.
  • Amazon accepts .TIFF, .GIF, .JPEG. But JPEG is more popular.
  • Main images must be of a single product, not of stacks or multiple products.
  • Proxy images can be of different angles or views, samples, etc., but the same quality and size standards must follow.
  • Special Requirements for Cloths and Shoes
  • In some categories, Amazon support image requirement. Please consult the Amazon Style Guides for the listing requirements for your category. Some of the requirements that we are aware of:

White Backgrounds on Cloths and Shoes – Image backgrounds must be white, with the image being of high quality and truly representative of the product being sold.


white background images on Amazon


  • Images on both Base and Derived Products in Cloths and Shoes – You must provide an image on the Base record in addition to an image on the derived record.
  • Angled Shoe Image for Shoes – The shoe image must be provided, shot from the side and angled so that the buyer can see the full details of the shoe. Best practice is to have the shoe pointed to the left. Other views of the shoes, such as top-down and behind, may be provided as alternative images.


Offer-Level Images

You can add Offer Level Image (Listing Photo) on your used electrical and electronic products. The image shows on the Amazon Offer Listing Page and helps to differentiate your offer. Amazon gives a facility to add the photo, Amazon Common Template and map the fields Main Offer Image and Offer Images for image of how this will appear.

  • RemarkWhen planning your Template, you can also utilize the Condition Notes The text in this field will appear below the product condition and give you some extra space to describe the condition of your Used or Refurbished products.


Image Zoom Functionality

When you submit an image of at least 1,001 dpi, customers can zoom in on your product image on the detail page. This provides a detailed look at your product and may reduce returns and negative feedback.

Amazon Image guidelines - Product Zoom

Zoom of an image


You should use good quality product image to sale your product or get positive feedback from customers. If you don’t have a in house team then you hire best professional photo editing team to do best representation of your product on your eCommerce website or any other platform like eBay, Amazon etc.